September 20, 2013

Babies, Babies, Babies, Babies… good friends, lots of them having BABIES… I have a pang of ‘I want one’ but then I realize that I can love on all my beautiful friends babies.

THIS is a very dear friend and someone I don’t see nearly enough!!  It was cold, (however she didn’t complain) 20 mins Miss was not enough time… however I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks when the 3 (bump included) of us can sit for longer, love on her and record her first few days of her beautiful life xxx

Best of luck my sweet, I am sure she will arrive in due time xx


A great way to start the season

September 10, 2013

If your ever wondering if September or October are good months for celebrating a wedding…. well I high five and say YES…. The weather can be unpredictable however the light when its a good day is MAGIC.

Kicking off 2012/2013 wedding season, with beautiful light, beautiful surrounds and BEAUUUUTIFUL people.


Happy wedding day Dania and Scott x


Many thanks to Mr Jim Pollard who accompanied me and my madness for the day and another big thank you to Bendemeer Estates for allowing us to venture on to this piece of heaven.


Our goodbyes

August 27, 2013

Loosing something close and dear is heart wrenching, emotional, surreal.  The disbelief and grief that something so amazing is no longer a phone call or visit away.  Watching someone important to you living the grief deeper than yourself is difficult.  However seeing the strength and love that this amazing person instilled in an arm load of great people is a beautiful thing.  He may not be with us today but his spirit, heart, grace and utter determination lives within his 3 amazing boys, his 8 amazing grandchildren, and his awe inspiring wife.

FarFar, we miss you, we love you, you taught us that and more.   My promise to you….. that your granddaughters will forever understand the importance of love, fighting for the people that need fighting for and always, always being close to dark green.

Our trip to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CANADA to say goodbye to our wonderful FarFar and to be part of his cunning plan (family together)





August 6, 2013


Sometimes our universes combine and wether it be a person reaching out to say hi or an accidental meeting some random day.  Occasionally you have an instant connection with that person and know that somehow you will always be friends.  I felt that way about the amazing Kate Holland.  She emailed me a few years ago and I just felt this incredible bond and fascination with this truly amazing HUMBLE, BEAUTIFUL person.  Not only is Kate a great friend she is also the brain child and dedicated creator of Magnolia Rouge.  She, I believe has offered a product to NZ brides that no-one had tried.  Her eye for details and gorgeousness (is that a word) taste in all things fabulous has put her in the highly acclaimed category worldwide of one of the best wedding bloggers in the WORLD.  Her audience is spread wide and her posse of photographers that share their beautiful weddings reaches from one continent to the next.  Kate has also created the highly acclaimed online magazine Magnolia Rouge Magazine.  This publication has featured some of the worlds best wedding photographers on the covers and is packed with information, beautiful details and STUNNING real weddings.  Its a perfect publication for inspiration and directory to some of the best vendors.

I felt very lucky to be one of those candidates that was featured in the last ‘episode’.

Kate you heart is big, your smile is HUGE and your ability to find beauty amongst everything is inspiring..  Thank you for not only being a great friend but also for your insane talent that makes me swoon every time.

Lots of love.



Every day has a lesson

July 24, 2013

Today I did things that helped me see a bigger picture.  Paths cross and lessons are learnt continuously.  I forget at times, however am reminded of the importance of an open mind and to be aware of the lesson that can be invaluable each and every day.   As corny as it may sound I am a big believer in the glass half full and how even the most frustrating thing can lead to an awareness and moment of clarity.

I spent time with a very dear friend this afternoon and although we don’t spend nearly enough time solving the problems of the world, I ALWAYS walk away from our conversations just that little bit better.  You see she and her beautiful family make the world a better place, not by creating cures for cancer or feeding the hungry (however if they had the opportunity they would) but because they care, and it starts from home.  They teach their children the importance of respect, love, manners and caring for their fellow man…. they start from home…

The lesson she taught me today…. ” we want our children to respect us because of their love for us, not from their fear of us”

Amanda thank you xxxx

This is one of the beautiful people I got to take pictures of today, all for a bigger purpose.

India you are truly blessed xx





July 15, 2013


Sometimes you get to be part of magic. Sometimes you get to meet the coolest of cool people, the type of people you want to get to know, who make you laugh, who share your secret obsession with cheesy pop stars, good lovely, kind, FUN, clever people!

This was these people.  Their friends, families, all beyond amazing and fabulous!!!


Kate and James, may you be blessed with beautiful moments daily.  Thank you for letting me be part of your SUPER DOOPER amazing day!!!!!



This just happened

June 7, 2013

This just totally happened, and I think my lovely (GORGEOUS) couple would high five and double fist pump in agreement that the day could not have been any better, weather wise!!   MAGICAL and totally on cue for what we needed.

These two are slightly cool, both talented young doctors…. and fairly good looking as well….. double whammie




Its 2am……. Well beyond burning the midnight oil….









April 23, 2013

So the travel aspect of my job is delightful.  I get to travel to crazy cool locations with mega views and kind hearted people…. My goal is to hit Europe next year… a goal that if I put out to the universe, she may answer.  However for now I am content with my backyard because as said in many other posts, we have one of the most precious scenery in the WHOLE ENTIRE world and I for one am pretty stoked to call myself a Kiwi.

Jessica and Justin travelled 9,158 miles to tie the knot.. all the way from one East Coast to another.. in my mind thats pretty damn awesome!!

Just a few xx


April 22, 2013

The beauuuuuuutiful Justine xx


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