August 3, 2010

So lately I have been feeling a little deflated… something I am sure we all do from time to time.  Its winter, its cold, things are just a little blurrrghhhhh.   It happens and I know it will pass however I think its really important when feeling a bit blue to remember how lucky I am, to be grateful for little things around me, take note of the small stuff, feel love and spread the love.  On a whim I have decided to start posting these things…. things that I am truly grateful for.  Its a personal project that I want to share…. and possibly inspire others to share what they are grateful for also…. lets do it together…. if you say it out loud (or write it down in this case) then nothing but good feelings will come from it.

I’m going to start with a week of gratefuls… a week where I will share what I am so lucky to have.  If you do stop by and want to share, please do.  There is a comment box at the end of each post, click on it…. fill out your details…. you don’t have to have a website… leave it blank…. you don’t even have to tell me your real name…. just tell me what your grateful for….cause we all have something xx


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Rana Rankin: I am grateful for loving and being loved :)

Christine Pobke: I'm grateful for the wonderful people in my life, including inspiring friends who I've yet to meet in person (like you). xoxo

charlie: I'm grateful for true friends!

Narrelle: Gorgeous, Fiona. What a lovely idea. And love your images. I love birthdays too! Right at this moment I'm grateful for Baileys, lol. But today I've been most grateful for beautiful people that have taken a few minutes out of their day to encourage me, and to pass on beautiful words.

Jen Stocks: I am grateful for mothers. All over the world, everywhere. Wonderful mothers who love their babies and do anything for them. And for beautiful people like you darling xxx

Leah: I am grateful for pink!

Ingrid: I'm pretty grateful for the laughter in my home. I'm also grateful for the beautiful inspiration you provide.

Greta: I am grateful for my boys (hubby included), my dog and for Canon. And as mentioned above, the inspiration in your blog.

Kate/MagnoliaRouge: What a lovely idea. I'm grateful for having a lovely, supportive and wonderful husband!!

Suzie: I am so grateful for my beautiful family and amazing friends. x

Rachael: I am grateful that my child is a curious, persistent and slightly mischevious little being x

Sue: I am grateful for good health that enables me to do the daily things in life :)

fiona andersen: Oh my lord... I am totally grateful for everyone writing.... THANK YOU. This is just the start of my grateful movement. I want to create something big, something that may mean something to someone, remind all of us out there that no matter what we do have great things in our lives little or small....

kate: What a beautiful idea. I am grateful for so many things in my life but at this very moment, for this post, I am grateful for being given the gift of motherhood!

fifihall: Kate, I KNOW how grateful you are. xxxx

Steph: I am grateful to be alive so I can enjoy the most amazing moments, people, and places in the world!

Annaliesse: I am grateful for my wonderful cheeky man, my gorgeous friends and being given the gift of being the eternal optimist X

sofi: I'm so grateful for being privileged to be a mother, and having such wonderful friends!

Michelle: So grateful for my beautiful husband and children - and for wonderful people like you, who remind me I have so much to be grateful for. Thankyou, {hugs} xx

Katie Horrocks: Love your idea and thanks for sharing. I am not feeling the best at the moment, sick with morning sickness and I am so grateful that Quinn is being so amazing with every thing and doing the food when he is so busy with work. We are also very grateful to be on this journey, esp once morning sickness over:-)

Shannon Gillespie: I am grateful for the looks my boyfriend gives me when he thinks I'm not looking - it's a look that tells me he's happy and proud and possibly a little bit overwhelmed and it makes me feel so loved!

Moira Blincoe: I'm grateful for my fabulous husband and two wonderful step-children and for being able to live a wonderful life.

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